Road to Emmaus

Life alternately sputters and races, drags and dances.  I tussle with the calendar and the to-do list, trying to wrench them into some semblance of symmetry.  I endure the mundane, press through the necessary, wait for the extraordinary.  Conditioned to cycles of high and low, I yearn for the mountaintops:  trips, vacations, conferences, speakers, events, set-apart times.

“The mountaintops change me,” I say to myself as I pack too much into my schedule and race blindly from to-do-list to task. “If I could only..” I long for breakthrough, fantasizing about it the way a desert traveler fixates on an oasis, only to find a mirage.  The analogy works – the mountaintop breakthrough never materializes.

Instead, like the two followers of Jesus who encounter a Jesus they don’t recognize on the road to Emmaus, I most often find breakthroughs in the daily mundane doings of life, while working, walking, talking, driving, cooking, cleaning, checking mail or chatting.

Jesus transforms my worldview, one bit at a time, but I rarely see Him in the moment…

Until, suddenly, I know He is there.  I can see His handprint all over my day, my conversations, my opportunities.  My worldview changes as I suddenly understand:  I am not alone.  My life moves from realization to revelation, and then…  then I can live above the lists and the obligations, in the moment of the day-to-day.

There are stories here, in these mundane moments.  Grace stories – oh, how I need those grace stories!  Learning stories.  Laughing stories.  Studying stories.

These are the stories…   from along the road, my rbyoad to Emmaus.

Will you walk with me?  We will learn together….


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